Golden and clear, hemp essential oil concentrates the fragrant molecules so particular to this plant.
Actually, about a hundred different elements(mainly mono-and sesquiterpènes) come into the composition of this oil and make it an exceptional product.
During the process of distillation to extract the essence of the plant, the THC (the active matter of the drug) is not drawn out, and therefore is not found in the essential oil. In consequence, hemp essential oil is considered to be exempt of THC.
Sown in April and harvested in September, hemp plants can easily reach a height of 3 metres and diameter of 1½ metres.

The distillation by low pressure steam is carried out using freshly harvested plants. 1’000 kg of hemp will only produce 1½ litres of essential oil. We distil each year up to 60 tons of hemp produced on our exploitation.

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